Monday, May 15, 2006


Just a quick post. I'm sorry, but I just don't feel in the mood for an elaborate one.


Previous center-right government shoved aside. Now being run by an insane collection of Leftists, Greens and extreme leftists under PM Jens Stoltenberg. Openly anti-Israel, openly submitting to radical islam inside Norway itself.


Crumbling. Current government racked by scandals and impotence.


Unbelievable, but turning even more to the left. Of course, this move is to a large extent explained by the immigrant votes, which go overwhelmingly to leftist parties. They just managed to chase Ayaan Hirsi Ali away, in September she comes your way. Islamist organisations and leftist parties are trumpeting this as a victory.

d.) SPAIN:

Socialist government trying to pass a bill that will give human rights to apes. On the brink of regularizing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Fertility down to 1.1 child per woman.

Bastion of sanity. Unfortunately, Denmark is but a small country.

f.) ITALY:

Now under an (ex?) communist PM, Romano Prodi. Senate Chairman is a communist. President is an (ex?) communist.


Shaky center-right government. Delicate balance between socialists and centrist christian democrats.


Now rapidly turning into a DDR-state. Currently a witch hunt against the Vlaams Belang party is in full swing. Serious attempts to cut off its finances, it is even considered by some parties to outlaw the party altogether. A gruseome double murder case by a skinhead is used in a grisly way to put the blame on the VB. I have never, NEVER before witnessed such a level of vile machiavellism. Not feeling sure for my safety myself.

i.) THE UK:

Tony Blair under great pressure even from within his own party. In the lcal elections the conservative party under new leader David Cameron scored quite well, but the guy is a closet greenie. If Blair quits next year, forget your ally. All over the UK, hundreds of AQ individuals and cells are waiting to come into action.

All over Europe, the alliance between the left and Islam becomes ever more clear. In my own country I am dumbstruck that high church officials have opened the churches to mainly muslim asylum seekers, who promptly turn the churches into mosques. Necessary reforms in Social Security to make the industry competitive again are thwarted by the all-powerful unions. Population aging dramatically, never before has fertility been so low. Faith has gone. Unassimilating muslim masses gaining control of the streets.

For God's sake, keep America strong. Don't let the left win. Support your president.



I'm sorry, but the events in Europe as a whole and in my own country in particular are extremely depressing.

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