Thursday, February 23, 2006


I really can't say anymore that I have the scoop reporting this story but I promised Tom The Redhunter, a regular reader and friend of DowneastBlog (who also blogs at Conservapuppies) that I'd link to his prodigious stance, so here goes. Last Monday, February 20, Tom took part in a rally to support Denmark at its Embassy in Washington DC. Direct motive was the protest held by the New Black Panther Party in front of the Royal Danish Embassy at the end of Whitehaven Street in NW Washington. The rally Tom was part of actually was in the form of a "human shield" between the "Panthers" and the Embassy. Leading the "Panthers" was a bloke by the name of Malik Zulu Shabazz - he's the tall fella in supposedly fashionista African garb - whose repertoire during the event consisted of endless incoherent rants. To have some idea of what we're talking about, here's an earlier whiff of The Shabazz Philosophy:

What we have against Jews and others is [sic] simple facts of history: that the Jews have been involved in the African holocaust and that the Zionists are causing problems, you know, for people of color around the world … The State of Israel. The Zionist entity there. It's a problem. It's a problem for our brothers and sisters in that particular area and it's causing problems all over the earth.
With philosophers like Shabazz, who needs Harry Belafonte? Anyway, you gotta read it all over at Tom's blog. He's got loads of photos, Michelle Malkin was there (albeit as a reporter, not as a counterprotester), and the story even made it to The Washington Post. I took the liberty of posting the photo to the left since I think it's SO great - Americans defending the Danes 5,000 kloms away from their country (I hope Tom doesn't mind, he's the guy in a green parka holding the Danish flag)! How I wish I could have seen these counterdemonstrations in Europe! The only ones I know of here were the two-man strong manifestation in Paris by Erik Svane from No Pasaran! and a colleague, and the ahem, ahem, sixty-strong delegation the Vlaams Belang sent to the Danish Embassy in Brussels, see pic to the right:

To me, the money quote from Tom's story was this one:

Shabazz came very close to losing his temper with us. When we pulled "Kumbaya" from our repertoire, he started ranting about how lucky we were the police were present. He pointed his hand at one of us and cocked his hand like a pistol and dropped his thumb down like he was 'firing'.

And how this guy no doubt wished it was a real gun. We grant them freedom of speech. NEVER FORGET that if they could, they wouldn't grant it us.


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