Sunday, June 19, 2005


Spanish men who refuse to lift a finger around the house are facing new legal sanctions. MPs in Spain have drawn up a marriage contract for use in civil ceremonies which obliges men to share household chores and the care of children and elderly family members. The new law, which will be introduced this summer in Spain, promises a revolution in a country where nearly half of all men admit to doing no housework at all.

Well, I'd say that it shows that Zapaterlain is in charge, huh? Soon we can expect legislation making it possible for fathers and sons to marry, and laws imposing minimum dimensions for goldfish aquariums.

Santi's trying to make up for lost time. He gives up on the ironing board and heads for the bathroom, ready to clean the mirrors. He is a man with a mission. The contract he will sign at his civil wedding ceremony this September will oblige him - by law - to share domestic responsibilities with his partner. Failure to do so will affect the terms of a divorce settlement, should he ever find himself in that position. But even as Santi cleans up his act, Aintzane, his wife-to-be, says she remains sceptical about the new law.

Nuke Spain from Granada to the Pyrenées and from Vigo to Barcelona! It's the only way to contain the plague. I know it sounds an itsy pitsy harsh thing to do, with the Partido Popular still around and all, but: The Lord will be able to tell the goodies from the baddies. All right, maybe the Prez can invite Aznar just before to have BBQ and Tapas Locas in Crawford.


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