Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Last night I decided to catch Bill Maher's HBO show, since I had not seen it up until then. While I tend to disagree with Maher's politics, I've always thought he seemed more rational and open minded than most of the other voices on the left. Not any longer. I could not believe how far off the deep end he has gone. In a nutshell, he firmly believes that both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen, (the latter via rigged voting machines) that Bush supporters "don't care about the law, they just care about the Bible", and of course all the other various and sundry "Bush is an idiot" jokes that everyone has heard a million times. Maher even stumbled into a huge gaffe on the Newsweek/ Koran flushing story. Clearly the show was recorded before this story was debunked, but he wasted no time in driving home the point that "this sort of behavior (by our troops) is what puts us in danger; it makes these people want to kill us." I wonder if he will be so hard on Newsweek. After all, if this sort of behavior makes us less safe, shouldn't the false reporting of it do that same? There's a disgusting irony in his open contempt for American Christians, whom he mocks at every turn, and the free pass he gives to Muslims that riot and kill because of a single copy of the Koran being flushed down the toilet. If Christians behaved that way because of a Bible desecration he would be the first to cut them down. As if his own spin weren't enough, he had a little round table discussion, sort of like what Dennis Miller did on his show, but unlike Miller (and 90% of other shows like this for that matter) Maher had 3 liberal guests, including Gore Vidal and Al Franken, and they spent the whole time talking wild conspiracy theories. Even Bill O'Reilly, for all his bullshit, will have people with opposing views on his program to actually have a discussion, not a preach to the choir session.

It's really too bad, because guys like Maher used to keep things honest, but he's become just another liberal so enraged with Bush's reelection that he can't see straight any more. I'm sure HBO will keep his show on for a good while, but I'll bet his numbers are garbage. This is the kind of drivel that's driving down subscription rates and viewership of the MSM all over the country. I mistakenly thought Maher was above it all.

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