Saturday, May 28, 2005


Right under our noses.

I may have to learn how to use the FNC after all.


Fjordman from Norway who, in the absence of decent Swedish bloggers (have they been silenced already) covers Sweden for us, has an interesting story on tow Swedish svhoolgirls who were sent home for wearing sweaters with the Swedish flag.

Photo by Lasse Linden

The photo shows the girls in question, Linda Larsson and Charlotte Bertelsen. In case you understand Swedish (fat chance), here is the story as it appeared in a Swedish newspaper.

Now, Fjordman, who has become somebody on Scandinavian blogger forums (hell, in the blogosphere for my part) cites a poster, a woman in Sweden, commenting on the affair. Just scroll down the discussion Is Swedish Democracy Collapsing? till you come across the post by the poster "perpetrator" (what's in a name) of Friday May 20, 9.20am:

it seems you know extremely little of the political climate in sweden. the swedish flag has become a nazi symbol. ordinary people don't WEAR patches with the swedish flag -- only nazis do. thus, if you as an immigrant see a person wearing one, the natural response is to feel unsafe. i doubt these girls were sent home from school ONLY because of the patch, a very good guess is they were notorious nazichicks.

Fjordman again:

So, wearing a sweater with a tiny flag from your own nation makes you a "notorious nazichick". Welcome to a parallel universe.

Oh boy. If there are intellectuals and reformers busy on defining a moderate version of Islam, they better had it coming quick. Since you are in the business of scrolling down, you may want to continue here. Sometimes I get the feeling it's five (hours) past twelve.


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