Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Some unsolicited advice for Bush in his second term:

1) Crush Arlen Specter. Anything else would be ludicrous. Bush doesn't need the first event of his second term being a "shot across his bow" from a pretend Republican senator. So you think you have a mandate? Prove it. Send a message. Squash this guy like a grape.

2) Appoint Judges that respect the constitution, and aren't looking to mold it to their own personal views. I don't care if they're liberal or conservative, as long as they have an understanding of the function of the judicial branch.

3) Forget about a gay marriage amendment. You only have four years. Don't be stupid and push for this silly idea, which has little chance of passing and is far less important than your other initiatives like tax and social security reform. The Federal government has no business here, but feel free to make noises about this from time to time just to keep your base primed.

4) Move forward at full speed with social security and tax reform. These would be truly landmark achievements that would live on long after this term is over. Not many presidents can claim to have accomplished such goals.

5) Be absolutely ruthless with terrorists. You never know, we might have Hillary in '08, so we better make some serious headway in destroying these animals before the appeasers come to town.

6) Don't reach out to anyone. You're the president of the United States. People reach out to you.

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