Thursday, November 25, 2004


On Yawm al-Sabt, 1 Shawwal 1425 (Infidel Calendar Saturday November 20 2004), another painful offense of Great Islamic Religion place took when so-called Dutch Secretary of Immigrant Affairs and Integration, Rita Verdonk, shamelessly invade a halal conference of 50 of our worthy scholars in al-Soesterberg in the Caliphate of Hollandistan, then insist on shaking hands with one of our worthy participants, Imam Abig A’ss A’Hole! Our trusted brother rightfully refused in this filthy act to participate, still the Verdonk-woman held on, exclaiming even blasphemously "But I am equal to you"!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooooooooohhhhhh!!!! Imam A’ss A’Hole very upset he was! Especially when Verdonk-woman then threatened: "Then we have a lot to talk about!". Scandalous brutality! Photo makroob are but necessary to illustrate brutality of woman!

Makroob woman insult Brother Abig A'ss A'Hole!!

Not the end of makroob story are!!! Verdonk-woman then on pedestal put herself and dare address brotherly gathering!!!! IN DUTCH LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!! Verdonk-Woman NOT ABLE TO SPEAK MOROCCAN ARE!!!!!!! We asking if you ever heard such a thing!!!!! High time Hollandistan Hawza address problem of Dutch segment of population not assimilating want!!!

Salaam! Photo from al-Telegraaf come!


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