Sunday, September 12, 2004

On a day where the rest of the country was remembering the tragic attack that led us into the War on Terror, John Kerry was also talking about war. Unfortunately, Kerry was talking race warfare.

I've got two problems with Kerry's remarks: First, Kerry shows a distinct lack of class making these remarks on the anniversary of 9/11, when everyone else seemed to be taking a day off in remembrance of the tragic events of that day. While I'm sure this was calculated to try and get people's minds off 9/11, could he have not waited until Sunday morning to come out with this? Second, Kerry is dredging up one of the great myths of the 2000 election, that millions of black votes went uncounted, and it was the Republicans that were responsible. Anyone that still believes this yarn is beyond help. Nobody has ever offered a shred of evidence to prove this charge. Even Jesse Jackson: Race Warlord Extrordinaire came up completely empty on the night of the election when asked point blank by Sean Hannity to produce one single disenfranchised black voter.

It's now obvious that the Kerry campaign is extremely desperate, but I'm not as excited about this as some people are. Anyone crazy enough to float fake military documents and dig up past lies to drum up racial tensions is probably capable of anything. Look for Kerry's minions to come up with dozens of charges of voter fraud and disenfranchisement after the election. By sheer coincidence, all of these cases will happen in key battleground states. The Democrats believe the Supreme Court chose the last president. They will try to use trial lawyers to choose the next one.

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