Thursday, September 30, 2004

Can you believe this?

"An African-American civil rights spokeswoman said on Wednesday that the new computerized voting machines "terrify" her, and that blacks are "afraid of machines like that."

If this isn't blatant racism I don't know what is. What's next, "blacks are confused by the big words on the ballot," or "blacks feel uncomfortable standing in line with so many whites at the polls?"

We may as well settle in for many months of crying and infighting if the Democrats lose. They've already convinced themselves that there's no way they can be defeated in a fair election, so they've set the stage for a scandal. Who cares if they insult every black person in America in the process? This is about taking the country back, right?

It's a pretty good strategy by the Democrats. It makes it so that Republicans have to win by landslides or the election will be considered fraudulent. When the electorate is walking away from you, you have two choices: Change your platform (yeah, right) or rig the game in your favor. Here's to hoping that Kerry gets smoked by such a massive margin that all of the crying and accusations won't matter.

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