Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What's your platform?

OK, folks, here's your chance to be president. List the top 5 initiatives of your presidency. Here's mine:

1) Abolish the IRS, replace all income taxes with either a flat tax or national retail sales tax. Include a constitutional amendment that outlaws the income tax and prevents all "progressive" taxation.

2) Begin the process of legalizing drugs. Begin with marijuana and study the results of this phase and apply it to other drugs over time. As drugs become legalized, release all non violent drug offenders from prison whose sentences are associated with that drug. Split the money saved between the taxpayers and drug treatment programs. Phase out the treatment programs over time and let private entities handle this over the long run.

3) Privatize social security. Set a cutoff age where people can still receive benefits consistent with the current system, and then force everyone else to handle their own SS dollars.

4) Maintain or increase defense spending, but work to eliminate needless bureaucracy and waste in the Pentagon. Prepare for inevitable confrontation with Iran and North Korea.

5) Greatly expand investment/ incentive in all American energy resources. Bring nuclear back big time. Drill for oil wherever we can find it. Temporarily utilize our massive coal reserve. Achieve complete energy independence within 10 years.

OK, so there's really about 50 more of these, but that will do for now. How about you candidates?

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