Thursday, August 26, 2004

Has the Left completely lost it or what???

Anything less than 100 million shouters is a horrific failure? Well, I'm looking forward to it.

Hey people, serious. This is insane (scratching head, looking puzzled, letting out deep sigh)

On another note: I bought a magazine on (a.o.) US Marines in Iraq. Ok, it was a French magazine (Raids) but it's prety good. Great photos, accurate reporting, no particular stance taken). There wer several photos of Marines in combat situations with the old Vietnam-era M-79 grenade launcher. I was really surprised these one-shot things were still in use. I mean, I thought all grenade launchers today came attached to the barrel of an M-16. What are you supposed to do in a fluid combat situation when you have shot your gun? I guess that if it's still on the USMC's inventory it must be pretty good for its intended purpose.

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