Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hey you jerks out there, don't wanna keep annoying you but they leave me no choice:


"The report(from the Belgian Parliament's intelligence committee) said most of the recruits were second and even third generation immigrants, chiefly from North Africa, who appeared to have rejected the Belgian way of life, even though Belgium, like neighbouring Holland, had tried to serve as a model of tolerant integration.

The report concluded that Belgium had become "a logistical support base" for terrorist groups abroad - favoured by bin Laden's al-Qa'eda network, the Algerian Armed Islamic Group GIA, the Wabahi Tabligh movement and the Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood.

The FBI complained bitterly after September 11 that the Belgian judiciary was withholding key information needed to track down al-Qa'eda activists before the intelligence leads turned cold.

It has since come to light that leading terrorists have been travelling the world on Belgian passports, either stolen or sold by corrupt officials.

One of the killers of Gen Ahmad Shah Massoud, the leader of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance, carried Belgian documents.

Filip Deman, a leader of the growing anti-immigrant Vlaams Blok movement and a member of the parliamentary investigation, said Belgium's elite coalitions had been brushing the Muslim problem under the carpet for years.

He said: "It was taboo to even talk about it under our code of political correctness, but this report cannot be ignored.""

Never heard about this report in our press. Figure not much was done with it.

But what should I care, soon the Vlaams Blok and its members are going to be outlawed for being racists...


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