Friday, April 02, 2004

Can you say hyperbole? Check out this statement by John Kerry:

"After three years of punishing job losses, the one month job creation announced today is welcome news for America's workers. I hope it continues. But for too many families, living through the worst job recovery since the Great Depression has been, and continues to be, far too painful. With nearly 2.6 million private sector jobs lost during the Bush presidency, America's families need and deserve a new economic strategy. In every single month of this Administration, we haven't seen the creation of a single manufacturing job in America. That's why I've proposed a strategy that that revitalizes our manufacturing sector and puts us on track to create 10 million new jobs in the next four years."

Wow. Not one, single manufacturing job in the ENTIRE United States during the last 3 years. That's funny, I manufactured a PC for my sister and her husband and was paid for it. But I'm not a beautiful person like the haughty, French looking senator from Massachusetts so what the hell do I know?

And I see he's up to 10 million new jobs now. If he is so damned amazing why doesn't he just do away with unemployment altogether? Perhaps modesty is to blame, I hear he served in Vietnam but you wouldn't know it from listening to him. He wouldn't DARE politicize that.

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