Monday, July 12, 2004

Looks like another flag will be coming down.

Philipines to pull out of Iraq to appease hostage takers. This is the worst, basic behavioral pysch tells us that this will cause more of the same. One reward for bad behavior leads to exponential tries for that reward again.

On an up note go read Iraq the Model today. Mohammed is at his best today, and gives hope for the future.

Kevin, I'll make you a deal. You read Iraq the Model for two weeks running, and I'll go see F/9-11. To be fair, I disclose that I will not pay for the movie, I will pay for some other and go into that theater, that way my $ doesn't go to Moore. But I will admit to using the same argument with Iraq, meaning that if somebody wants to argue the war with me, I ask how many Iraqis they know. Usually the answer is none, and it pretty much ends the discussion once I tell them that I have Iraqi friends that have differing beliefs on how the war was handled, but that they all agree that they are better off freed from Sadaam's regime.

Just for the record, I was in LA last week, with a ton of liberals, who all refused to watch Moore's movie because he bills it as a documentary. Even those clips and photos and interviews that are real are all cut and put into certain context to advance his agenda. He rails against capatalism while he reaps its benefits. Not unlike the Saudi royalty that come to Harvard, and then bring their education back to a country that often works to undermine America. I have equal problems with both.

Moore is best ignored IMO, as is the fringe right, or any other fringe group. They do nothing but cause divisiveness.

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