Wednesday, May 05, 2004

ME @ BOWDOIN [Jonah Goldberg]
May 11, Bowdoin college in Maine, 7:30 I believe. Be there or be not there, that is the question. But if you are there, we'll be there together.
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Posted on NRO's Corner this morning, though the time is 7pm, not 7:30. This should be interesting. Jonah was telling me that some colleges entitle the talks "Give War a Chance" and such things. Can you even IMAGINE that at Bowdoin? BWAH, HAH, HAH!!!!!!

Yes, I'm gloating, we get to have a semi-private dinner with him before the talk, Tom and I, Scott, and about 5 other Bowdoin types that have helped to get this thing set up.

Lovin' it!

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