Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Barring any last minute changes, Jonah Goldberg will be speaking here at Bowdoin College on the evening of Tuesday, May 11. Should be a fun evening to say the least.
You all better be there! And yes, we expect you to come from Belgium, Michael, and you from Colorado, Mark, and Mike if you are out there, you better be home by then!
Thanks to all of the hard work from Alex Linhart and Dan Schuberth at Bowdoin for helping to make this happen.

Oh, yeah, I meant to post this morning about a funny thing that I saw in the Corner regarding last night's press conference where President Bush said "Secretary of State Powell and Secretary of State Rumsfeld"...:

An e-mailer asks:
Is it possible that GWB merely let slip something for his second term?????

I've been saying to friends that the line up I'd like is as follows:

Rumsfeld State (Can you imagine him taking the fire hose to that crowd?)Cheney Defense

Rice VP

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