Thursday, February 12, 2004

Very interesting piece on the possible VP picks for Kerry from John Miller at NRO.

Some interesting points on why Hillary wouldn't be the pick. Excerpt:

HILLARY CLINTON: The media will go through several rounds of talking about Hillary as veep, if only because talking about Hillary is a favorite pastime for pundits. But neither Kerry nor Clinton will want this match. The last thing Kerry needs is another "liberal senator from the Northeast" on his ticket. Hillary has a strong incentive to stay away as well. Some potential running mates would see their careers enhanced by losing with Kerry this year: It would establish them as statesmen on their side of the aisle. Yet Hillary's reputation would suffer and it would hurt her chances in 2008. Also, she has repeatedly promised to serve out her term as senator from New York. Reneging would make her seem — for lack of a better word — Clintonian.

Tom you may be right in a way, he's calling Gephart as the VP pick. This could get interesting.

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