Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Regarding the comments on Edwards:

You know Edwards reminds me a bit too much of Clinton without the immorality issues (at least so far). The young, hip, fresh candidate, Scott? Remember how everyone felt about Clinton in 92? Some guy out of nowhere from the south became just that. Less governmental experience, but lawyer is as close to politician as you can get and certainly gives you plenty of practice in debating and the show that goes with it. Edwards is better looking than Clinton, but I think that looks are overrated. When was the last time that we had a really "handsome" President? I mean, I know that it definitely precludes Joe Liebermans who just don't look "Presidential" but as far as I know the last President that anyone swooned for was Kennedy, and even then it was likely the charisma (not unlike Clinton, though I never got any charisma there, just mistrust from the moment I saw the guy give a speech the first time). The looks are about more than the looks for women. Rumsfeld is a great example, he is so confident in himself, has a great sense of humor, and still has his boyish grin in his early 70's, that's attractive. But then again, I was the only girl in college that preferred "intellectual actors" like William Hurt, to all of the posters of Costner in his Bull Durham get up hanging in the dorm rooms, so what the hell do I know?
(I know that I married well, so that must say something!)

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