Wednesday, December 17, 2003

This is the part of the reporting of the UN meeting that made me nuts:

(Kofi Annan speaking)
"Now is not the time to pin blame and point fingers," he told reporters. Saying that Mr. Zebari was "obviously entitled to his opinion," Mr. Annan said that the United Nations had done as much for Iraq as it could under the circumstances and was prepared to do more.
"Quite honestly," he said, "now is not the time to hurl accusations and counter-accusations."

What the heck is that? First of all Kofi, I don't hear you having any counter-accusations to "hurl" at the Iraqis. That's a novel defense, trying to but blame on someone for pointing out facts and then calling it their "opinion", did they teach you that at the Clinton school of debating?
And most of all, if the highlighted section above isn't a complete disaster, I don't know what is? If you have done as much as you possibly have been able to for someone, then how can you be prepared to do more? Which is it Mr. Annan?

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