Monday, December 01, 2003

My head is about to explode. One of my little sisters (Sue) is an Environmental Policy major at Roanoke College in VA. Need I say more? Yes I do. I would LOVE to invite her friend, a very outspoken policy major named Sarah to our site for a little "debate". Here's our typical college mindset of today: (This was in response to an article that I sent to my sister regarding Bush's support of a $444 million bill to provide for Americorps, which she forwarded to her friend.) You can find the article that I sent to her here. Also, the piece on Bush's support here.

I think that this has tipped me over the edge on writing a piece that I was going to title "Environmentalism, the Religion of Gen Y"-- God knows I won't be lacking for material!

First of all, Cato is a totally biased conservative "research firm" and cites
some of the mismanagement of Americorps $ as "questionable training (sex
education, video presentation skills, diversity)" - yeah, things like sex ed.
and diversity are really pointless (sarcasm intended). They also criticize
money spent on training and technical assistance, functions that are necessary
for any organization, as well as things like voter registration, claiming
partisan politics are at work. I think partisan politics are at work by
DISCOURAGING voter registration- everyone has an agenda, and even if they do,
by getting people that wouldn't otherwise vote to become registered, it
empowers them, allowing their voice to be heard in our so-called democracy.
Furthermore, as for the "paid volunteer" critique, when was the last time you
were willing to work ONE YEAR, probably being incredibly overworked in terrible
conditions, for a measley $5,000. The money is a small help that allows people
to volunteer to the extent that they do. We should be applauding these
volunteers that are willing to work for essentially nothing to improve the
state of the country while we continue to degrade our environment and neglect
worker's rights under the current administration. We've lost hundreds of
thousands of jobs since the creation of NAFTA, and still allow our government
to be the leading proponent of the FTAA. SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! All of these
issues need to be understood in a larger context- yes- less government
intervention would work to the greater good- IF we were truly capitalist- IF we
didn't provide huge subsidies to oil and agriculture- BUT WE DO. The fact is
that we can't continue pretend that we working within the context of a free
market when we aren't. Either we pay the true cost of things ($6/gallon for
gas) or create legislation to save things sooner rather than later. We are so
afraid of big government that we are willing to leave our children a world with
dirty air, infected water, and no trees. I really don't see how anyone with a
conscience can continously vote republican. Perhaps I'm extreme,
but so is all the damage we're doing today. Something needs an extreme change.
Sorry for the rant.

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