Friday, December 12, 2003

I read the article on Schroeder's statement yesterday, and everyone in conservative circles picked up on Bush's "response" to the question of whether the administration's position on this was "illegal under international law". We always enjoy the contrast of our "plain speaking" President vs. the polictically correct diplomatic speech that comes from the State Dept. (Granted that is the State Dept's job-diplomacy-aka "talking in circles and accomplishing almost nothing".) It's the same reason that we love to listen to Rumsfeld. Who else will look a reporter straight in the eye and with a derisive laugh say "you can't be serious?" when they ask a completely ridiculous question, and then go on to address not only the question, but why it is so ridiculous, unless of course it is SO ridiculous that it isn't even worth answering!

As far as the biased reporting goes, I can honestly say that if I read that headline "US Compound Blasted In Iraq", I wouldn't think anything of it. Until I see specifics (such as "17 American soldiers dead") or a report of injured, I don't even bother clicking. It's been that biased for that long, on most major stations. Not to mention that when the headline of Gwyenth Paltrow getting married shares the same space as international and national news, and there is NO coverage of the 10,000 person march against terrorism in Iraq, well, that about says it all. You know darn well if there were 10,000 Iraqi's marching FOR the Ba'athists return or "against the occupation" it would be the lead story in every news outlet. For years, the news media has been accused of an enormous bias toward reporting only "bad" news. Until Americans demand otherwise, it will continue to "sell" news in that way. I would suggest that you write to CNN as well as changing your home page. I have written to every news network and a bunch of major blog sites this week regarding the Dec 10 Demonstration in Iraq. There are a bunch of us that did that are all frequent visitors to the Iraq sites, and the coverage improved over a couple of days, with even CNN finally giving it half a minute on the TV (though NO info on the website), and an interview of the editor of Iraq Today yesterday at noon on CNN as well (which he was kind enough to contact me about after I had written him). NRO's Corner first posted about Omar's post on "It's not about the oil" after I sent them an e mail alerting them to it. They've been good about covering the major news coming off the Iraq blog sites ever since. "Power of the People" in the US is a real thing, because of capitalism more than anything else, but most of us that don't lean far left, myself included, I believe relate speaking out on things as "whining and complaing" which is what we equivilate with the left leaning segment, so we tend not to do it.

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