Friday, December 12, 2003

I got this e mail in regard to a suggestion that I replied to on Omar's site yesterday. The suggestion was to get the Iraqi bloggers laptops so as to make it simpler for them as right now they have to go to the Internet Cafes in Bagdhad to post. I said that I'd be happy to help if it were actually possible for them to get access in their homes or offices. There was a suggestion of a collection from all of the readers by a few, and I also mentioned that I might be able to see what our family member at Dell could work out for us (who knows, they may even want to donate, imagine a commercial where they are "bringing the voices of the oppressed" to the world through donating in that way?) I admit, rather idealistic, but worth a try.

Back to the point. This guy impressed me, both by the fact that he's already serving and ready to offer part of his pay to fund an Irai blogger, and by his astute observations. Here's another reason that we say thank you for our friends in Britian. Here's the e mail, name withheld for protection:


British Officer serving here in the "deep South", MORE than willing to chip
in a few pounds/ bucks to promote blogging for Iraqis.

I check this site, (my E mail address every few days). Sort it out and my
cheque is in the post/ credit card on the net. In this war you bloggers are
"the front line", because this one we win or lose on the streets of small
town USA. Only two groups seem to have worked this out, our friends
(you guys) and our enemies. Guess whom I'm supporting.

God bless you all.
Pray for us.

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