Sunday, September 19, 2004

Tom's Grand Canyon Adventure update:

Since I know that you are all missing his sick sense of humor....

He called tonight and they were forced to come up out of the canyon, the weather has been terrible, with hailstorms and flash flooding, so the rangers asked that everyone remove themselves. Nothing like going in for a day and a half, then climbing back out. He doesn't seem bothered a bit though, they spent today hanging out, and are heading back in tomorrow or Tuesday, the weather is supposed to clear, though it is colder than they expected. He's happily been in the lead on all of the hiking, keeping pace with the fit 34 yr old guy, with his uncle who is in his 50's and is super fit about 8 minutes behind with another guy in his 40's that is also fit, then they've got the laggers behind them. He said that it is just overwhelming and he's gotten a ton of pics, which we will be uploading over at Exposure Manager when he gets back. They may not make it to Sedona. He did say that he took one particularly good pic with the new camera that was half sun/blue sky in the canyon, half storm clouds rolling in, with a hell of a rainbow spanning the two.

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