Sunday, August 15, 2004

OK, Mark, you asked for it. My reaction on the JK swiftboat veteran thing...really, I don't believe that it tells us that much more than we already know.

I'm as tired of the conversation as I was here (scroll down to Feb 10), when it was about Bush's records with the Guard. But I do have a friend that is a liberal that I thought had a very interesting post on this issue with a broader argument, at WoC, here. Like to hear some thoughts on this, as I have a follow up discussion that I'd like to bring on there, and I want to see if any of you have the same basic reaction as I do, but I do read a lot of liberal sites, and it is interesting to hear the same thing coming out of everyone's mouths in just one regard...but I'll save it until I hear your comments.

Regardless, I'm just sick of it taking up SO much of the space in the blogosphere, not that it doesn't speak to character, but like I said, it doesn't REALLY tell us anything new, at least not for anyone that has followed the guy's career.

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