Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Blogging on the RNC.

Arnie was great, they just love him. He ruined one line for me with the "their hate can never match...(I'm waiting for America's love) America's decency." Definitely more Republican, but it was "feel good" night. Overall though, very impressive, he is a good strong speaker, comes across as genuine at the same time.

The girls are just too young. As I've heard said, you need to give us a reason to vote for your dad besides, "he's a great guy". They missed that opportunity tonight.

Laura, well, class act, but never has been a rousing speaker. I wish that she had spoken more to her original intent of showing people the George Bush that they don't get to see. I could have spoken with more emotion about the things that I've read about Bush doing, that are just so caring and genuine, than she did. She did fine, but just fine, not spectacular.

Sleep calls, more tomorrow.

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