Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We talked about Nick Berg. So sad. As Jonah pointed out though, AQ says this was "retribution for the offenses at AG" but if it were, it would have been long ago, as both the Iraqis and soldiers knew about this for months and even the Pentagon put out a press release on it in Jan. It was the media's frenzy over the PHOTOS and the subsequent emotion that they were taking advantage of. Berg's death lies with not only the perpetrators, but the media that published the photos, the people that took them, and the abusers. They(AQ)know the left better than I believed now that I think of it. There was a young man tonight that thought it was terrible not to give "moral equivalency" to the photos of Saddam's sons dead, in a discussion of the photos of the prison abuse, people dying in 9/11, etc. As during the days following 9/11 there are those that will try to make it our fault. We pushy, aggressive, horrid, Americans, always trying to save the world. And if we make mistakes along the way, oh shall we pay.

We just spent 7 hours with Jonah Goldberg. Fun, nice, genuine guy.
Tired, need sleep. (Michael, if you are still up, you are certifiably insane.)

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