Monday, May 10, 2004

OK, I always say this blog is politics and culture, but really, there's no culture, I admit it. I'm getting sick of depressing news, so I'm being the female here and putting in some "culture" (read chick stuff), but the only thing that is going to make this worth reading and funny will be what the "boys" have to add. So here goes.

I love my country. I love that my boys are in little league. I love the forget me nots that Brendan picked for me on Mother's Day. I love the picture that he drew for me. I love that Will still snuggled next to me tonight as we read his latest installment of "Goosebumps". I love my dogs. I love that Tom's youngest brother called to see if I was OK after surgery. I love the way our Irish Setter sleeps with a stuffed animal every night. I love watching the American flag outside the house wave in the wind, and I hate thinking of our troops far away at the same time. I love them for their sacrifice. I love watching Will turn into a soccer boy, having something that is "his". I love having a husband that is my best friend. Did I mention I love the sex too? (Just because I'm female doesn't mean I shouldn't say that, particularly when it is well deserved.) I love my friends. I love that the internet has brought me friends that I never knew. How in the world Michael and Tom live half a world apart with the identical sense of humor still baffles me, and I love it. I love listening to Scott and Tom rant, they make me laugh like nobody else. I love the friends that I have made in Iraq. I love that we're going to meet Jonah tomorrow. I love spicy cheese dip. I love to argue. I love apple crisp (with double crisp of course). I love running (and miss it). I love the ocean and will be there in just 3 more weeks for the three most blissful weeks of summer, listening to the foghorn at nights. Now I can sleep, because for all the John Kerrys of the world, I've reminded myself that there's so much more to be thankful for.
What do you love?
(I can already see the guys posts...America. Sex. Monty Python. Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards.)

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