Monday, May 10, 2004

Conflicting Emotions
OK, so have you seen the photo (it's on Drudge if you haven't) of the Iraqi detainee stripped naked surrounded by "gasp" MP types with military trained "attack dogs"? You know what bothers me about this? NO BACKGROUND!

Is this a guy that was thought to have a bomb strapped to him? If so, it would be reasonable to have had a.) both bomb sniffing dogs there, and b.) him stripped.

The abomination is that there is a photo of it, not necessarily that it occurred.

There's no damned context to these things. Even if the guy was picked off the street for looting, or passing info, or some such thing, (which people that are place in AG are not, but just for argument’s sake) the nakedness could then be an issue, but the dogs? They are on leashes for God's sake; does this really look any different from an episode of "Cops" which America gobbled up gladly on the TV for years? No, not really.

I have Iraqi friends. I absolutely think it is one thing to have someone put on a box naked, with a hood, attached to wires and be told that if they fall off, they die. The people that came up with that one, military court isn't good enough for.

But there is no proof, there is no context, and that in as far as I can tell is the problem. I have asked myself, what if this was a terrorist, and they had confirmed it, and they were using this as psy ops interrogation technique...would I have a problem with it? If I am honest with myself, I, like most Americans, just wouldn't want to know about it. But the American in me would want to be certain first that this person was who we thought they were. This is going to be one of the worst problems in this new war we face, mark my words. You can't always tell who the bad guys are.

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