Thursday, May 13, 2004

Alright guys, I've got to blog all of this because I have to share it and Tom's gone, he'll be off the site for the next 4-5 days as he is in Bozeman, MT with his brother Mike.

We are finally are catching up on e mail the other night, including the mail that comes to this site, and lo and behold there are all of these e mails for me from when Instapundit and Buzzmachine blogged on the Iraq laptop project.
Tom starts out by saying "hey there's some e mail here for you from AYS, did he send it to your other address?" and I reply "no, can you forward it to our inbox?". "Sure", he says. Next minute, I hear "Kerry, there's some guy from the Chicago Tribune that wants to do some interview or something about the Iraq thing." I'm thinking, he's got to be reading that wrong. Nope. There's e mail from TruthLaidBear website generously offering help, and best of all from Marc Danzinger at Spirit of America. So I'm sorting out all of this mail and sending out replies and such, but not expecting too much to come of it.

Well, over the past couple of days, Marc and I play phone tag and tonight we finally get in touch. By the end of the conversation, he has handed me my dream job, and apparently I have handed him a dream "employee", and we're both thrilled.
So I'll be working for Spirit of America, and they have generously offered to help me with more computers for Iraqi bloggers that didn't get them on the first round!
I am so thankful for the great work that Marc and Jim and their team are doing, and for being willing to give me a chance at to work with them on this fantastic project.

I also got my biopsy results back today from my surgery and no sign whatsoever of the dreaded "C", which I expected to be fine, but it was nice to have it confirmed.

In bad news today, we found out that our 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy (Orion) has hip dysplasia, and we are likely looking at a $5000-$6000 hip replacement operation once he is full grown. He's on meds to help control the symptoms, but those will never fix the problem, and well, it's a long, sad, expensive story. He's obviously uncomfortable right now, so I am feeling for him, he's such a sweet dog.

Don't be surprised if in 8 months you see a Paypal donation link for the dog's surgery! (Don't worry, just kidding!)

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