Tuesday, March 02, 2004

OK, I admit it, I'm pathetic, but hell at least I admit it. I generally agree with most of Jonah Goldberg's writings, and even when I don't I get much amusement out of them. There was a little exchange today on the Corner about Vermont (Jonah calls it "Hell") and the whole Killington trying to secede thing (which Tom posted about earlier). Some Vermont guy was trying to tell Jonah why this was preposterous, and being cantankerous while doing it. Then it got into the NH vs. VT argument (which is extremely similar to the NH vs. Southern Maine argument). Since I have experience in all States, business in VT, business and life in NH and ME, I e mailed Jonah about it. Knowing that Jonah gets something like a zillion e mails a week I don't expect to get a reply, though sometimes he does give me one, he is much busier than the "old days" when Tom used to practically have e mail conversations with him.

But lo and behold I got posted on the Corner. Now honestly, I could care less about my fleeting 3 seconds of fame. But I care very much that Jonah considered what I wrote worthy in the debate, since he is by far the better writer, and has already done a bunch of research on VT and the surrounding areas, as well as traveled in NH and ME.

So that is my excitement for the evening.

Well, that and a very kind e mail regarding some comments that I made over at Mark Shea's website today. One person's appreciation can sure make for a great day, and today I got lots of it, so I'm going to go get some sleep while I still have my "warmth" from my fellow bloggers/writers!

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