Wednesday, March 03, 2004

In browsing the books out, I came across this one and it forced me to deal with the immigration question once again.

It is the story of a man who was taken at 7 years old by a Muslim group in the Sudan because he was Christian and made to be a slave, along with a host of others. He lived in slavery with the animals that he cared for and no human contact except with his captors until he was 17. He tried to escape twice before this and was caught and flogged and made death threats to prevent him from trying again. At 17, he successfully escaped on foot, eventually winning the ear of the right people and being granted asylum in the US. Now living in Boston, he has written a book about his own experience and that of others in the same plight.

To me, these are the cases that we give VISA's to, not people that want to work at Taco Bell. Of course, that contradicts my earlier statements of NO IMMIGRATION until the backlog is fixed. And that is still OK, but if we ever got this solved, this is the kind of person I'd want in our country. Thankful, grateful, and KNOWS the cost and meaning of freedom. Freedom of the human spirit, not just freedom to work where you want.

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