Thursday, March 25, 2004

Hey guys, just want to say that if you go to Andre's site (how do you make accents on these things without using translator anyway?) from Lisbon, Portugal, you'll get to see some serious European thought process in the comments section. There is a "Babel Fish" translator at the bottom of the site that translates into English (click on the British flag) or you can do it through Google as I did the first time. Granted, you still have to translate somewhat, but if you've had romance languages at all, it isn't too bad.

Anyway, point being that there is a good post on capitalism there and in scrolling down, I found some innocuous comments from Andre on his love of Vermeer's paintings. I click on the comments and one person is describing the painting saying it captures the "softness and ease of life" and the next comment is basically "well, life is soft and easy if you are rich" referring to Vermeer's higher station in life, however the contempt for "rich" in general was not concealed, and interestingly enough was a good example of the thought process talked about later in the capitalist piece. Europeans still have a chip on their shoulders, since the government, until recently in history, has been responsible for their care, station in life, education, etc. Thank God we started out the opposite way in America. Why then, can our leaders not learn from looking at their history and growth pains, and stop heading down the same path?

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