Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Scott, I agree that what he was trying to get at (when you read the entire article) was that we don't have the "manpower" (or the maybe the "manhood" if you get my drift) to deal with the sheer volume of illegals that are already in the country. I can see a screening process, after which point they be given some sort of legal status IF we are ready to "shut down the borders" to completely enforce LEGAL immigration from that point on. He does make reference to this, but I'm still waiting to hear any kind of a plan, vs. a generalized idea.

It just really kills me that NOBODY questions Ridge on how in the world undocumented illegals could be contributing to the system monetarily!

Granted it has been 5 years since I was in the world of a large business, but I hired hundreds of people over five years, and I can definitely say that you did NOT mess around with the law in that area. Employees, if they did not have a SS# and citizenship, had to have a green card with all info and a copy sent to the IRS with their paperwork. If they had neither, and yes, I did encounter lots of these (specifically in Worcester, MA which has a large hispanic population, and in NYC area, NO EMPLOYMENT. Therefore, their only chance at employment is "under the table" payment, which does not contribute in any way to the tax base. However, they happily accept our health care and our education for their children, which drains the tax base.

Somebody help me with the math here!

(Enjoyed Sowell's piece, always like reading him and Connerly.)

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