Friday, December 26, 2003

Obligatory voting? How in the world does that work? We have enough people that are either uninformed or being paid to vote here without obligatory voting!

I don't shake my head at the notion of a leftist Europe so much as the frightening thought of a leftist EU. The problem is that in my mind there is still a difference between "Europe" and the "EU" when in reality there probably isn't anymore, it's.......too late. Like you said, in 30 years if the EU resembles our federal government and the "member states" resemble our states; YIKES! With the socialist faction growing all of the time, what happens when there is a situation like Afghanistan or Iraq? Will we be able to count on Britain, Spain, Poland, and our other "allies"? The EU militarily could be so much more powerful than the member states are alone, but not weighted as such necessarily. Honestly, we all know that if Britain wasn't next to us, we wouldn't have as many other European "states" (countries?) willing to stand with us in battle. I've always been a bit worried about France's "Napoleon Complex" I guess you could say.

Do you personally feel that the EU would balance things, or make them worse? Maybe I just feel threatened by a superpower as large as we are. I know that I do as long as people like Chirac have a say in what's going on in it, just as I feel threatened by our own federal government at some times. Maybe it is just that I know that as things are added they become almost impossible to take away from our own experience. We lived without Social Security for much more of our history than with it, yet now it is seen as an entitlement by most. Your comment on the EU forming almost a third to a quarter of the laws in Belgium now is amazing, think of how much more money you'll all be handing over as the EU grows.... heck, Sweden will be working on a ficticious budget as far as I can tell (they already pay, what, something like 60% of all income to taxes/social programs, then hand over probably another 20% to the EU, they'll be euthanizing the old folks left and right)! Again, this goes back to my question about giving up National sovereignty.

I'll eagerly be awaiting the next installment.

Apologies for the late reaction time...our house has been full of a terrible virus, and until today I have been functioning with sleep deprivation (or not functioning, depending on who you would ask!). Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours, I hope that it was a wonderful day for you all.

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